Upgrade Your Mind


Our Minds can only think with data we have gathered with our 5 senses. All of our thoughts and dreams are made up of data we gathered with our 5 senses. 
No new Data in = No New THINKING out
Reading a book is like upgrading your minds operating system. 
When we upgrade our mental OS, everything begins to run faster and more smoothly. The Stoic philosopher Seneca said, "Books are the training weights of the mind”

My Reading List

By popular demand, here is the complete list of ALL recommended books which i collected from different threads, videos, blogs, other books and interviews. I have categorised my reading list into 9 sections. Click on the each picture to find out the relevant books for that section. This is by no means final list, I will continue to update & add more as I see new recommendations. Categories will also be improved. Its always a work in progress. Feel free to comment and reply with more book recommendations.