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  • Hardeep Singh

#107 - become more Process driven

Most people including me, focus on the outcome or results they want in their life. I have found that being outcome driven always lead to stress. Because what is does not match with what you want, and this leads to anxiety, stress, fear and worry. If the negative emotions are not managed properly, this usually causes cortisol levels to go up in your body and can lead to other illness. The more stress that enters the nervous system the quicker your conscious mind checks out. Once conscious mind checks out it's your sub-conscious mind running the show. The sub-conscious mind is habitual and runs based on the habits you accumulated.

How about if we change what we focus on?

You still must have an outcome or goal you are after. I believe having a goal is paramount but instead focusing on the outcome you focus on the process that helps you move towards your goal. Each goal will have a different process. But the process is usually methodical, a step by step feature You do X Y and Z etc.

if you are process driven you are free from the outcome, Free from anxiety, stress, fear and worry. Thus, you are more likely to perform better in whatever activity you engage in. Process orientation also makes you more present as you let go off the outcome. fall in love with the process which gets you the results, not the results itself.

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