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  • Hardeep Singh

#109 - Exercise mediation to build awareness muscle

Awareness is a form of energy, a mental state.

Think of awareness as muscle like a bicep

Meditation is the exercise which helps to build and strengthen this muscle

Meditation strengths your pre- frontal cortex

Which is responsible for decision making, also known as the willpower muscle.

Human perception appears to automatic

and it has become habitual in people

but perception is a learned phenomenon

we can and we do control it.

We all have bad habits,

no one is perfect and but we can all change

Anything you are not aware of

you cannot do anything about it

Thus I say The first step to change is awareness

and 2nd is action

Without action, NOTHING happens in life

You have to act and change whatever you do not like

Whether is munching on junk food

Swearing in traffic

Whatever the bad habit is, become aware and take action on it.

Take control of your habits

Control beings with awareness

Anything you are not aware of

You can not control or leverage

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