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  • Hardeep Singh

#110 – Leverage your mind

Every cell in your body is controlled by your mind. All human experience is generated from within. Pain, pleasure, happiness, joy, anger, disgust, fear and love all happen within the human mind. 

Who should determine what happens within you?       

If you can see life as it is, without projecting your fears and expectations on to it, you have the power and the intelligence to conduct it well. I believe the first and fore most fundamental in life, is the ability to remain calm, especially in face of adversity & turmoil. Being calm is nothing but a feeling. If your feelings come from your thoughts and you control your thoughts. Human mind is the best servant and the worst master. Thinking is best served when the mind is in service to the heart rather than serving the ego self.

Whatever behaviour gets rewarded by you and your tribe fires the pleasure circuit in your mind. As day in day out same circuit fires, it slowly becomes a habit or part of your auto pilot routine, thus becoming permanent and part of your identity. 

So how do you change?

Affirmation help to re-program the subconscious mind and help to remove old beliefs and help water the new ones. 

Imagination is the electro - chemical workshop where everything is created

Your brain cannot differentiate between what’s real and what imaginary. 

If you imagine doing pull ups, the same neurons fires in your brain as the one when you actually do pull ups

Imagine creating the things you desire. 

Do not be delusional you cannot imagine yourself into good shape.

Your brain needs tangible proof. 

But learning how your brain works allows you to leverage the greatest super computer. 

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