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  • Hardeep Singh

#111 - 5 fears that haunt all humans

There are 5 fears that haunt all humans. 

  1. Poverty – not having enough money and starving to death. 

  2. Criticism – the fear of what others would think of you, this fear paralyses most people and makes them suppress their true self. Suppression occurs due to the fear of Criticism.

  3. Ill health - getting sick and not being able to live life to its maximum potential. 

  4. Loss of a loved one – losing people that you love is another crippling fear. You feel helpless when a loved one gets ill or passes away. It’s hard to imagine life without loved ones .

  5. Old age & death – fear of old age and death haunts every man and women alive. Death is big fear as there is lot of uncertainty involved. No one knows what happens when you die and the fear of the unknown is one of oldest fear in the human psyche.  

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