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  • Hardeep Singh

#113 - Killer TRIO

There is killer trio which cripples people in action and puts them into the state of procrastination.

Indecision - not being able to decide. Sometimes getting on with the decision is easy but deciding is the hard part. This indecision puts your mind into the next state ….

Doubt – doubt comes from uncertainty. Not knowing what the right or wrong decision is carried a lot of uncertainty. You can gather more and more information on the matter at hand to combat the doubt. But the longer you take to decide the more your doubt turn into fear.

Fear – fear of making the wrong decision, disappoint others with your decision. Fear of all the worst things happening due to a bad decision.

So what’s the solution?

  • I defiantly don’t recommend rushing into a decision, take the necessary time.

  • Make a pros and cons list

Can you mitigate the cons?

  • Steps to mitigate the cons

  • Mentally prepare for the worst scenario

  • Steps to move out of the worst-case scenarios

  • Realise you can never be certain in life, life is unpredictable

  • Go with the best probability

  • Focus on the Pros and visualise things going well

  • Work like hell

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