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  • Hardeep Singh

#126 - way out of the Matrix

Electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies in the universe

humans can only observe visible light

visible light represents tiny segment of the entire electromagnetic spectrum

our reality exists based on what we observe

the act of observing is the process of decoding

our body and mind encode and decode the information

what you perceive is what you are decoding

senses are the decoding system so that your brain can comprehend and understand data

senses take wave form information turn into electric signals

so, your brain can understand it

this is how we create our world called reality

if you can manipulate the 5 senses, you can control someone's reality

You may have seen the new virtual reality games

All they do is high jack the 5 human senses

control perception and you control reality

I don’t know if the matrix is real

But if it was your body …

body = biochemical computer, the Hardware

brain = Processor

5 senses = input and output devices

immune system = antivirus

Nervous system = software

Respiratory & digestive system = power supply

cultures are like different versions of the software

each culture programs your nervous system differently

In a way, we are the focal point of attention nothing more

Thought and emotion are frequencies which we express

These frequencies can affect the bodies electromagnetic field

The universe is nothing but information decoding information

DNA is software code from bacteria to humans

with basic instructions of life (survive and reproduce)

Perception structures our belief system

Perception appears to be automatic

But it is learned phenomenon, we can & we do control it

We perceive as per our beliefs

as this helps to reinforce the beliefs system

You can impact your reality by changing your perception

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that in 1936

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to

hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time

and still retain the ability to function.”

Being and staying open minded is critical

Evolution is still happening

You are in the greatest of ages

Age of Technological evolution

Do not be rigid

Develop the ability to entertain new or opposing thoughts

Without believing in them

This is mental muscle which you can develop

Matrix or no matrix

Life is a journey

Destination is death for all

Empty hands come empty hands we go out

enjoy the ride

but know you can't take souvenirs

Happiness is choosing your ride

My ride is my YouTube channel and website

I have started my journey

there is nothing more important in life then

knowing who you are and your path in this life

ideas, inspiration and imagination are the keys to getting started

Choose your ride

It’s the only way out of the matrix

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