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#16 - Circle of life

“In life, you get out, what you put in “

Life is filled with choices, choices that affect us on an everyday basis in everything we do, this means our everyday choices are not without significance. Our choices affect us and others in dramatic ways whether we see it immediately or not.

We Reap Only What Has Been Sown

What we reap was planted either purposely or accidentally by us, we sow the fruits of our seeds be in negative or positive. this law of the harvest, we Reap Only What Has Been Sown. The law itself is neutral it’s not positive or negative. Our seeds determine whether the law works positively for us or negatively. if you don’t like what you are reaping you have to blame the person who planted the seed.   You will find the person whom planted your seed in the mirror.

We Reap in a Different Season than We Sow

Without question, we reap what we sow, but the principle mankind doesn’t want to face is we reap in a different season. Too many people think they can sow wild oats on Monday and then on Sunday going to field looking for their crop. But we don’t always reap in the season we have sown.

“While the earth remains still, Seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night does not remain still.”

Hardeep Singh

The harvest never comes immediately after planting the seed. The seed takes some time to grow into a crop, it must go through the seasonal changes winter or summer.  Rome was not built in a day. Plants don’t grow overnight. Athletes don’t become strong or proficient in a week. Children aren’t born overnight. Wisdom isn’t gained overnight, and so it goes throughout all of life. You will reap what you sow in, “In due time or in the right season “. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can reap your seeds quicker because it must go through seasonal changes and challenges. After going through the changes your small seed will take the form of big crop.

This is the important factors here. We live in a self-oriented society that says “do your own thing,” This is a society that is therefore given over to instant gratification. We have instant everything: instant tea, instant oatmeal, quick rice, TV dinners, and microwave cooking. We can jump into an automobile and either whiz across town in minutes, across most states in a few hours, or board a plane and 12 hours later be in Asia. We watch a TV program and see family conflicts or national conflicts resolved in one hour, but in reality, these things often require months and even years to resolve or change.

The younger generation today has the mentality of wanting and expecting to have all the material blessings and advantages their parents have. The difference is the parents often had to wait years to accumulate what they have. Young people are not willing to save, do without, and wait. We want what we want when we want it which is usually right now, or preferably, yesterday. So, because we are accustomed to immediate gratification, we are too often unwilling to wait for the results of sow and reaping. So we take matters into our own hands. We run ahead of the time. We employ our own strategies and methods but you cannot beat the law of the harvest. So rather than trying to find a shortcut focus on sowing good seeds.

We Reap More Than We Sow

No fact is more significant than this one. When we sow good, we abundantly reap much more in return. for the harvest is always greater than the seed planted. If this were not the case, no farmer would ever plant a thing. If he only got back what germinated in the ground, he would be on the losing end and spend his life in utter futility. Reaping more than we sow is fundamental to the laws of the harvest and this is not just true for the agricultural world, it is true for nearly every aspect of life. I remember in 2nd year at Birmingham city university, I helped one of the students with their interview. This very same student somehow came back in life and helped me with my Final year project as he was working in the field I was doing my project on. He also helped to find my ideal job, only 2 miles away from my house. This is an excellent example of how being kind can help gain more. However, this law works in reverse as well. When we sow evil, we will generally reap more than we sowed as well.


If you want to be rich … GIVE!

If you want to be poor … GRASP!

If you want abundance … SCATTER!

If you want to be needy. . HOARD!

We Can’t do Anything About Last Year’s Harvest, But We Can About This Year’s

Life is full of consequences both good and bad. Life is full of important choices because every choice has a consequence of some kind and to some degree. Whatever we did last year, last month, last week, even yesterday is over and past. There are no time machines to take us back so we can change what we did yesterday. Nothing, we do today can in any way shape or form change the record of what was sown and what was or will be reaped as a consequence. It is either a harvest that will be worthy of praise or burning or perhaps portions of both. But how do we handle it when last year’s harvest is not so good when we have fumbled the ball or failed?

We as humans have the tendency is to let our failure keep us from positive sowing today. This is because we are the creature of habits. What we must understand is that we cannot do anything about last year’s harvest, but we can about this year’s. It is hard to face failure because it is so ugly and devastating, but our failures can become like a ladder to success, a stepping stone.

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