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#4 - An Officer And A Spy

An officer and a spy is a novel written by Robert Harris that details the infamous Dreyfus case set in 19thCentury France.

Alfred Dreyfus is a young Jewish officer that is incarcerated for life in a prison known as Devil’s Island for treason. He is humiliated in front of thousands of people and his rank taken away from him. This is because he supposedly gave away secrets to the Germans. However, there was a witness to this atrocity who later discovered he was innocent, Georges Picquart.

Georges Picquart was a major in the French army who was very patriotic but had a great sense of integrity and what was right and wrong. Georges goes to great lengths to prove Dreyfus’s innocence and demonstrates the wide spread corruption of the French army at this time and their appalling prejudice towards Jewish people at this time.

An officer and a spy is a fascinating book and I found that at times I could not put the book down as I desperately wanted to know what happened next! Most importantly, I found it shows how important it is for one to have integrity and upstanding values and how some people, in this case the French army, only care for what benefits themselves.

By Jack Morris

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