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#81 - The Hardeep Singh Podcast #5 - Ollie Greenhouse

★★★The Hardeep Singh Podcast #5 - Ollie Greenhouse ★★★

In this podcast I talk with Ollie greenhouse (fitness instructor and personal trainer) about…

►Fact or Myth: Underrating causes you to hold onto fat

►Fact or Myth: Weight training is for men.

►Fact or Myth: The more you sweat, the more you burn.

►Fact or Myth: Stretching helps your body recover faster

►Do you have to have 30g protein every 3 hours to build lean muscle?

► Best rep range to build Muscle Mass, 6-8 reps heavy weight or 10-12 reps moderate weight

► Best exercises for lean mass - compound vs isolation

Ollie Specializes in

-Weight Loss

-Muscle Growth Hypertrophy

-Power lifting and Strength Training

-Muscle Condition

-Nutrition Advice

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