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  • Hardeep Singh

#83 - Human VS Technology

Automation is the trend which can easily drive the next wave of unemployment. Google’s automated self-driving cars can easily replace thousands of chauffeurs, taxi drivers and deliveries drivers around the world.

We as humans cannot compete with technology. The technology works 24/7 and a human cannot. Technology is getting lot smarter and a lot quicker.

 It is vital to understand that; the cycle is not going to reverse. It is only going to grow and get exponentially bigger.  If I ask you to replace your smartphone with Nokia 6100, I am 110% sure you are going to say no.

In the same way, you cannot expect companies to go backwards, to create or save jobs. Technological advancement is an upward spiral and it will not reverse.

The other side of the coin is technology is bringing in more vitality and more benefits than ever in the recorded human history. Hence It is wise to prepare for the future now, so you can reap all the benefits.

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