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  • Hardeep Singh

#84 - Childhood to Adulthood

We are all born naked and scared in the world. Yet by the time, we become adults we all cultivate a vast number of skills. We learn to speak, listen, read, write by the age of 6-10.  From Childhood to Adulthood we learn a multitude of skills and information. However, when we reach adulthood this learning stagnates in most people. 

This happens because we become creatures of our circumstance.  Here is all I am asking, keep up the accelerated learning curve you had from childhood to adulthood.  

Standard education will give you standard results. If you want lot more than mediocre results in life then you need to become more than the average joe. 

  • Don’t watch what they watch

  • Don’t read what they read

  • Don’t listen to what they listen to 

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