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#86 - Boiled frog fable

Societies evolve when ideas or information reaches critical mass but you as an individual can evolve at your own pace. Most people are on a fence where they do not like the current situation but they do not find it painful enough to do something about it. The warmth and comfort of known fence feel good to most of us. 

The parable of the boiled frog will help to illustrate the issue with being comfortable for too long and having unexpected change creep up on you. Suppose you want to boil a frog. How do you do it? 

You could place the frog into a pot of hot water, but as soon as it feels the heat, it will jump out. So, what can you do? 

Put a pot of cold water on the stove and then add the frog. Not sensing danger, the frog will stay. Next, turn the burner on low to slowly heat the water. As the water warms, the frog relaxes. The warmth feels good. As the water gets hotter it acts like a steam bath draining away energy and deepening the frog's relaxation. The frog becomes sleepy and has less and less energy while the water is getting hotter and hotter. By the time the frog realizes its danger, the water is beginning to boil and it is too late to take any action. There is neither time nor energy left to do anything. The frog perishes in the boiling water. 

What is the moral of the story?

Be vigilant. Don't let unexpected change creep up on you. Don't become a "boiled frog

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