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#90 - Harness the Power of clarity

No vague, no blurry, no general goals

Someone who makes vague, blurry and general goals has no advantage over someone who makes none. Have you ever tried to start a fire with a magnifying glass or saw somebody do it on TV? 

If not, it’s a very simple process:

1. You take some paper

2. Hold the magnifying glass in front of the sun so that a small bright dot will appear on the paper and give it little time

3. Voila you have fire

People with Vague goals often complain goal setting doesn't work. Having vague or generic goals is similar to me constantly moving the magnifying glass and saying the magnifying glass doesn’t work. By holding the magnifying glass, I am harnessing the energy of the sun and creating fire. By setting clear and precise goals you will harness the power of clarity and achieve your goals. 

In the 1981 issue of “Management Review”, George T. Doran introduced SMART.  Successful people set smart goals.  I want you to make sure your goals are SMART. It is an acronym and it stands for

  • S - specific, significant, stretching

  • M - measurable, meaningful, motivational

  • A - agreed upon, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented

  • R - realistic, reasonable, results-oriented

  • T - time-based, tangible, trackable

Good Example

> I weigh 85kg and I want to lose 4 kg in the next 4 weeks.

> I make £500 a week and I want to make £100 a day.

Bad Example 

> I want to lose weight and be fit

> I want to be rich 

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