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  • Hardeep Singh

#92 - Conscious VS Sub-conscious

Have you ever read a great book, article or watched a documentary which was extremely informative and life-changing? 

But after reading or watching nothing changed in your life. The reason for that is your subconscious mind has a different blueprint than the conscious mind. Subconscious mind and Conscious mind are 2 different parts of the brain. Just because you consciously learn something does not mean your subconscious mind has the same knowledge or belief. 

The subconscious mind can be compared to a bouncer outside a private party, if you are not on his list you will not get into the party.

So, if you have limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind chances are you will self-sabotage yourself to live in alignment with your beliefs.

The 19th-century psychologist William James stated around stated 90% of results in life are a direct result of your habits.  The subconscious mind is largely governed by your beliefs and habits. Your subconscious mind learns via repetition as it is the habitual mind. The subconscious mind has all your learned habits & beliefs. Its job is to create reality out of the data accumulated. 

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