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#96 - Monkey see Monkey do

I was in India 2016. I got to witness one of the most horrific events in my life. There was a political rally going on near my village and the rally turned into massive Scuffle between the local political party. 2 groups of people fighting each other throwing stones etc. In the midst of all this, I saw a small 4-year-old kid whom got off the bus and started to throw rocks at the other party. The kid knows nothing about politics, it was shocking to see how much impact our environment has on us.  

Monkey see monkey do but humans are not far behind from their primate ancestors. We are all affected by our environment. We as humans have the tendency to model other people’s behaviour when they are around us for long enough. 

Therefore, it is much more prudent to consciously pick the necessary positive habits and characteristics. If you want to increase your income, make friends with people who earn more than you! If you make 5 new successful friends and eliminate any negative and unsupportive influences from your life, you will have no choice but to rise to the level of your environment and support network. 

 A study was carried out a few years ago, which found that you can work out someone’s annual income within +/- 10% by finding out the annual income of their 5 closest friends and averaging them out. 

Monkey see Monkey do, avoid the monkeys that complains about problems without asking or discussing any solutions. Watch out for these monkeys, these complaining monkeys will not be successful and will only distract and waste your time.  Check the monkey and make sure their thoughts, words, and actions are aligned. 

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