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#98 - Tune your mental radio into opportunity frequency

 In the book, Art of possibility, the tale of two shoe salesmen who went to Africa in the hope of expanding their businesses. One returned, disgruntled, stating that the trip was worthless – “No one wears shoes in Africa”, he grumbled. 

The second shoe salesman returned with dollar signs in his eyes! “What an incredible opportunity I have found – no one has shoes in Africa!”

What I learned from this story is that opportunity itself has no value. It depends completely on how an individual perceives the situation whether they find fault or discover opportunity. Most people are not wired to perceive an opportunity and then act upon it, so 999 times in 1,000 it will fall through their hands like sand at the beach. If your default attitude is to find fault, complain or whine about a situation, you are not thinking on the correct wavelength to perceive opportunities that come your way.

Think of a radio. It is constantly exposed to over 20 different radio station frequencies in the air, which all play different music. At any given time, it is tuned into just one of these frequencies, which results in a certain sound to play from its speakers. There are thousands of opportunities all around you right this very second. If you want to discover them and reap the rewards of what they have to offer, you need to tune into the right frequency. If you are not happy with what is coming out of your speakers, just tune into another station. Simple.

Whenever you are faced with a problem, ask yourself “is there an opportunity here?” Every problem that you can possibly encounter is being encountered by millions of others as well. If you develop a solution to help millions of people solve that problem, you will be rewarded greatly.

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